Research & Development

American StemCell Centers of Exccellence

Florida, USA

American Stem Cells

California, USA

British Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

London, UK

Czecho-Slovak Association of Anti-Aging Medicine

Prague, Czech Republic

European Society of Preventive & Anti-Aging Medicine


German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine -

Langede, Germany

Spanish Society of Medicine, Anti-aging & Longevity

Seville, Spain

German Society for Thymus Therapy

Hamburg, Germany

German - France Society for Thymus Therapy


Swiss Society for Anti-Ageing Medicine

Zug, Switzerland

Swiss Academy for Anti-Ageing Medicine

Zug, Switzerland

Private Hospital Dr Ursula Jacob GmbH

Stutgard, Germany

International Society for Stem Cell Research

Illinois, USA

Norwegian Center for Stem Cell Research

Gaustad, Norway

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

California, USA